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Images from "Portal" posted by eli over 6 years ago - (1 comment)


Screenshots from Valve's Portal game. these belong to Valve, hope they don't mind. […]

Richard Galpin posted by eli over 6 years ago - (1 comment)


CLUSTER XXIII (RHIZOPOLIS) Richard Galpin Found here […]

Italian urban megastructure posted by eli over 6 years ago - (0 comments)


Less than 10 kilometers from Rome, the shoestring "serpent" housing project called Corviale co […]

Sleepy Town Manufacture - Music from the Megastructure posted by eli over 6 years ago - (0 comments)


Electronic music came from the Megastructure. We use synthesizers for the same reason we simulate ou […]

Breed - Generative Sculptures posted by eli over 5 years ago - (0 comments)


Breed generates structures according to an evolutionary algorithm. These structures are then printed […]

New Babylon posted by eli over 4 years ago - (0 comments)


Discovered on boiteaoutils; The labyrinth as a dynamic conception of space, as opposed to static p […]