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12:55 AM, Jul 06, 2009 by eli

As you can see, has been updated again, bringing it at least into the beginning of the 21st century. I’m sure there are a few more kinks to stomp out, but overall I’m pleased with the design. A number of bugs were fixed in the process, which should make more accessible and less frustrating.

If you are a photographer, you may be interested in the Exploring the Megastructure group on flickr. The pool is steadily growing in size, and contributions of real-life megastructure findings is greatly appreciated.

Also, a blog has been launched, in order to document separately the development of a computer-based Megastructure “experience”, the blueprints of which still haunt me.

See you in the Megastructure!

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fëanor said @ 05:13 PM, Jul 07, 2009:

I’m very intereseted in this project. signed up a year ago but due to my lack of inspiration I’ve never posted anything.

Your post on the blog sounds quite cool, but I’m not sure if I understood exactly what you want to do. Creating a digital megastructure? Some 3dimensional, explorable computergame-like thing? Or more some wiki-like collection of linked megastructure-ideas?

(my english is frustrating)

eli said @ 08:30 PM, Jul 07, 2009:


Yes, a digital, explorable Megastructure is exactly what I mean. That’s pretty much what I’ve always dreamed of doing. I have a pretty good picture of what I want in my head, and the blog is kind of a way to help progress towards that vision, in little pieces at a time.

The “wiki” concept of linked ideas is more or less what I meant to be. It needs a lot more content – but I’m pretty happy with it.

Thank you for your interest! Your words encourage me. (And your English is fine.) I’d be happy to hear any ideas you might have, and the site is still open to you for posting.

fëanor said @ 12:25 PM, Jul 08, 2009:

so you have two projects running? that wasn’t clear to me. I thought is what you’re talking about in the blog.

well, there where yet different projekts for a Blame-game I red about in heens forum. not sure if they’re still in progress. but you don’t want to create a game, you want just a digital map? is that right? how do you want to do that? are you a programmer? or do you want to use something like an existing game engine?

lots of questions. :)

arT2 said @ 04:28 PM, Jul 08, 2009:

dude, neat! :)

again, also “my lack of inspiration” is why i posted not much in the past :/ but that’s the past, let’s see what the future brings!

eli said @ 09:07 PM, Jul 08, 2009:


Like most things, I haven’t really decided yet! At the moment, I don’t want to limit the discussion anywhere. There may be a number of projects happening at the same time.

I would very much like to see a Blame! game (would you mind linking to more information?).

I’m a programmer, but I have no game programming experience. I think we should start small, and work our way up. I hope to start releasing little snippets and programs that help illustrate what I mean.


Thanks for shouting out! I look forward to more interesting structures and findings. Don’t forget to pack your camera :)

fëanor said @ 03:36 PM, Jul 09, 2009:

just found this thread .

as far as I’m informed, there are some mods (hl2) and very much ideas how it should be. :)

Thinking about the megastructure as some kind of web-based, envolving 3dimensional structure I’ve got some ideas. Set an endless “room” with a center, the core of the structure, and a few building robots. I think about the builders as automised programms which generate new rooms, based on the core, moving somehow away from the start, so that the megastructure grows in all directions. thats pretty the same they do in the manga. :)

I have absolutely no idea, how this could work practical.

another idea: let the visitors of the megastructure be the builders. as a user, you could build new layers of the megastructure, construct every single aspect of the rooms, the athmosphere an so on.

but that would mean, that the megastructure grows very slow, not really dynamic.

hope you can understand what I mean. :)

fëanor said @ 05:24 PM, Jul 09, 2009:

. just found out that my brilliant ideas seem to be the same you posted much more detailed and better in your blog. I should read more carefully next time.

eli said @ 09:26 AM, Jul 10, 2009:


Thanks for linking to Heeen. It seems like a lot of talk, but that is how things get started. I wish them the best.

I like both your ideas, and ideally, they would both be incorporated into a virtual Megastructure experience.

Keep the ideas flowing, and stay tuned to the blog. Things are coming.

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