Marc Giai-Miniet: Boxes

09:04 PM, Jan 30, 2011 by eli

Marc Giai-Miniet quantizes space into nearly-recognizable rooms; separating objects into categories and presenting a multi-purpose, organic structure.


From the artist (roughly translated from French with aid of Google Translate):

“These boxes, created between 1992-1993, repeated the themes of my paintings: the brainwashing scene, visiting the mummies, stirring transfusions and various larvae…. Over time, the buildings became increasingly large, the characters have disappeared and books, whole libraries have taken place in conjunction with laboratories, storage rooms, interrogation cells, stairs, corridors, furnaces, sewers or outbound docks.”


The artistic process and the constructed scenes are one and the same. These buildings did not have a top-down design; rather they were grown from various competing seeds, each struggling or allying with one another.

The result is a frozen time slice, a clinical snapshot of simultaneous decay and nearly cancerous overgrowth. Compartmentalization has long since broken down, and each room retains only a shadow of its original purpose. This same original purpose, along with the physical contents of each cubicle, have been bleeding into the surrounding spaces ever since the process began.

See more beautiful photographs of these Boxes at Marc’s site.

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